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Looking to go north...

Looking to go north...

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Anyone been up to MT Sicker lately?

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Mt Moriarty

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Hill 60/prevost on sunday

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Thats what I have in it yes and its great!

4 days 17 hours ago in GPS recommendations

Hope so lol
Looking at 4.88s!

5 days 14 hours ago in Regearing

Well heads up Clydesdales is doing my axle truss and c-gussets.
And apart from them and a Victoria shop....I hear way better things about Clydesdales so will be going with them!
Just got my 35s on so it is now needed!

5 days 15 hours ago in Regearing

so much to see but a lot gated. Lots of big trees thou!! So awesome and Welcome!

5 days 15 hours ago in New to the forum

too bad about that tent up top😉

5 days 15 hours ago in Sunday fun - Mt Benson