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Wheeling in North Cowichan

Wheeling in North Cowichan

Author: Lauchlin
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Mt. Bolduc 1944 plane crash

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Going up Sicker 11 oclock

Author: Lauchlin
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Mount Prevost the top

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New meabers ride

New meaber ride

Author: Lauchlin
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Would be 8 months at the most

3 days 22 hours ago in Holyoak lake directions?

Its not hard from hill 60 my tracker has gone that way a dozen times i am just waiting for the snow to be gone i will send you a PM

4 days 3 hours ago in Holyoak lake directions?

For any one wanting the course basic ham radio certificate then you can use island repeaters vhf and uhf

2 weeks 4 days ago in CB radio

pretty dead forum ,,,,,,,,,,I am in Duncan also do a lot oh wheeling in the area mostly weekends Sunday any body is welcome to go

2 months 2 weeks ago in Newbie to the island

That course is free and if you get better than 80% you can use HF and get a radio like this icom 7000 will do vhf uhf and HF.......... the little radio in box is vhf uhf dual band there about 100 $ new with the 1/4 wave antenna radio is 15 watts can be programed at the mic or on computer .....on my desk is the programing dongles for different radios inducing the icom listed here theirs a pic of programing software easy to use when you get the hang of it ...Afew hand held DMR vhf and uhf a whole different ball game they can be setup to talk around the world whole different topic .....

2 months 4 weeks ago in VHF radio