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Wheeling in North Cowichan

Wheeling in North Cowichan

Author: Lauchlin
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Mt. Bolduc 1944 plane crash

Author: Lauchlin
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Going up Sicker 11 oclock

Author: Lauchlin
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Mount Prevost the top

Author: Lauchlin
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New meabers ride

New meaber ride

Author: Lauchlin
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yes mines easy to get to yes it safe to drive around i am normally up there Sunday's

1 week 3 days ago in Mt. Prevost and Mt. Sicker

Or Flora Lake

Bigfoot sighting locations???...........Mount Sicker .............

High mountain road with steep drop-off (that can be filmed from a distance with drone Sicker has some very nice views so does Breton or green mount or there lots

Any areas with interesting ancient artifacts or local Folklore? need more specific ....ancient artifacts not really...............

3 weeks 3 days ago in Need some Help!

I use a Smittybilt there much cheaper than a warn but a warn is a better winch ....My 8000 lb Smittybilt has never give me any problem i pull it apart every year clean it up its only got to drag my tracker out of what ever mess i get in so its never got to work to hard and yes there slow

1 month 2 weeks ago in Recovery Winch

never went form hill 60 to copper canyon by the power line but i used another route from hill 60 was open a few months ago

1 month 3 weeks ago in route to sherk lake

they-er supposed to be out in leech town there is mention of them in the book Vancouver island ghost towns

2 months 2 weeks ago in Sicker easter monday