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Wheeling in North Cowichan

Wheeling in North Cowichan

Author: Lauchlin
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Mt. Bolduc 1944 plane crash

Author: Lauchlin
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Going up Sicker 11 oclock

Author: Lauchlin
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Updated 2 years 11 months ago by kingg5
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Mount Prevost the top

Author: Lauchlin
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New meabers ride

New meaber ride

Author: Lauchlin
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If in Duncan i can

3 weeks 10 hours ago in CB Radio SWR Tuning

You must be talking about the gates at the bottom going up to summit parking lot .The gate to the top is all way locked has has been for years they unlock around nov 11 for older vets to get up to the monument but is lock again soon after that ......I was up there yesterday i see they have block most ways to the old Sicker mine site but not all

2 months 2 weeks ago in Mt Prevost

They will be closed there only open around nov 11

2 months 3 weeks ago in Mt Prevost

I have cb a few free

3 months 1 day ago in VHF/UHF/CB Radio Recommendations

if you go up the forestry pool side that gates is open most time it seems to be forgotten .. Sicker RD gate is lock so is gate up Mount Prevost and Plantation RD if you go up you have to go out same way ...hill 60 should be good

5 months 3 weeks ago in Saturday June 15th