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Wheeling in North Cowichan

Wheeling in North Cowichan

Author: Lauchlin
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Updated 4 years 7 months ago by Out4aRip
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Mt. Bolduc 1944 plane crash

Author: Lauchlin
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Going up Sicker 11 oclock

Author: Lauchlin
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Updated 5 years 5 months ago by kingg5
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Mount Prevost the top

Author: Lauchlin
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New meabers ride

New meaber ride

Author: Lauchlin
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Updated 5 years 10 months ago by Islandtracker97

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Cost me 200 to do my 2003 theirs a guy in Duncan charges 500 for lift and install

2 months 1 week ago in good & honest offroad shops in Langford, Victoria, Sydney?

Say it's not so you have gone to the dark side i liked your tracker. Great post best of luck with your Jeep it's hard to argue Jeep's go any were ...

6 months 17 min ago in Trackick's WJ Build

I go up Sicker most week ends sun day normally or Breton sometimes or out to old Bomber crash sites or some were out there ......And never joining face book bla lol

6 months 6 days ago in Anyone going wheeling around Victoria, Duncan, Sooke on Sat. Nov 13?

Welcome to the forum i spend a lot of time up MT Sicker and hill 60 and Mt Breton mostly Sundays you are welcome to come along any time .............

Ladd 3 vhf

Breton repeater ve7rna .......................VE7ZJ /VE7SHM

1 year 3 weeks ago in Isuzu Trooper 2.8 Turbo Diesel