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Mt. Bolduc 1944 plane crash

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Going up Sicker 11 oclock

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Mount Prevost the top

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New meabers ride

New meaber ride

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I sent him a Email his reply only does jeep ........

3 days 21 hours ago in Good Fab Shops

What year to what year

1 week 5 days ago in ENGINE SWAP with EGR delete and side mount air injecction delete

Oh i think i could figure it out lol do you have a antenna

4 weeks 1 day ago in New vhf/uhf radio

I know were the clay pits on sicker are they were the settling ponds for the Lenora mines the soil is still toxic .....there is a mud pit on the side of the road going up to Sicker and from hill 60 over to hill Crest is a simple drive along the hydro line you can also get up Breton from hill 60

1 month 4 days ago in Hill 60 to Mt Prevost.

What clay pits ?

1 month 4 days ago in Hill 60 to Mt Prevost.