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Jeep project

Hey all, it’s great to be here and can’t wait to get off the beaten path and meet you on the trails. Now alittle back story, I had a couple of cjs over 30 years ago, I was always drawn to the jeep family but haven’t had one in quite some time. I still catch myself giving the wave or nod to jeeps on the road whenever i see one. So about a week ago I was taking to my nephew on gabriola and he mentioned he had a jeep, of course I immediately perked up and said I love jeeps and he replied you can have it but its been sitting for about a year and it’s a rare jeep. Wow yes I would love to have a project and get back into it. So we went to get it. It didn’t start but with a new battery it did but was rough. I finally googled 2012 jeep Call of Duty mw3 edition and was quite surprised by what I found. Yes its original, #164. I said do you know what this is I asked my nephew. Of course he did. We got it half way as I live near Victoria and started having a little problem so as of right now its at a mechanic. Keeping my fingers crossed i don’t have to pop a new motor in it first thing. Once i get it mechanically sound and fix a few things. I will give an update and get out there. Meanwhile get out there and enjoy.

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Duncan bc

Very nice and rare good score there is a yj in my shop getting major drive line mods good luck with your project

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