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There has been a large # of trail cam place up MT Sicker and Pervost people dumping there trash are getting caught .............

3 months 49 min ago in Looking for trails around Sooke

I am a licensed ham so i have to say get a license but well nobody out there has one lol

3 months 2 days ago in VHF radio

Well its a nice radio can be programed from the mic or software lots of mods to unlock it so it can transmit any were.... 65 watts lot of range but you can dial the out put down to save battery .any 1/4 nmo base antenna will work

3 months 3 days ago in VHF radio

there doing a little logging around the base i would go on a weekend

3 months 5 days ago in Mount Bolduc Ventura Crash Site

I would not think so i think CB or the 11 meter band is useless am mode any ways ......VHF radios are cheap as cb now ..........programing is simple and yes you should get certified very easy free 2 day courses ...I use a tyt 2 meter dual band vhf radio with all logging ,forestry .fire base , all ham radio repeaters and BS channels ...I can scan them all or listen on one easy .........price vhf with antena around 200 or less hand helds are cheaper under 100 ...If any one is looking for more info just ask ....

3 months 1 week ago in VHF radio