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Long weekend Camping anyone?

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Be back out there soon!

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Labour day lake

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New Reciever

New Reciever

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Rock Slider

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Damn dude! Thats a trip and half! Looks incredible

7 months 3 weeks ago in Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

Jealous! When ur re geared and ready to rumble let's set up another run!!

7 months 3 weeks ago in Regearing

I recommend ash road north or port alberni or comox lake road. Just fairly basic gravel roads with turn offs that you go on if you feel like it. Great scenery, tons of camping spots tons of little lakes. However I would suggest gaia maps or a island backroads mapbook

8 months 2 weeks ago in Ok Very new

Finnally done boys! 2 longer than I planned.. but then again it always does haha. As you can tell in the pic I made the right call haha. I dont sound supercharged anymore but damn it feels good. See you out there soon!

8 months 2 weeks ago in Be back out there soon!

My engine is still in pieces unfortunately. But that's a nice ride my man!

8 months 2 weeks ago in Weekend Camping?