Hill 60/prevost on sunday

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Hill 60/prevost on sunday

Gonna meet at Wal-Mart on drink water for 9 tomorrow if any one would like to go

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After much deliberation, Stacey and I have finally decided to avoid the Malahat today altogether and head out west instead to the cut blocks around Muir Creek and Tugwell Creek to do a bit more exploring and look for some good patches of bush to hunt for chanterelle and pine mushrooms for thanksgiving. I still want to do a run in the Hillcrest/Hill 60 area and since I now have every other weekend off, Saturday runs are now a possibility for me, provided they fall on those weekends I have off.

If anyone sees this and happens to be out that way and wants to chat on the radio I'm always scanning GMRS ch21, LAD1 & BC4WD (146.460) on VHF.
Hope everyone has a great day and enjoys their thanksgiving festivities whatever they may be. We're off to play in the dirt and pick some mushrooms now...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
-Rob & Stacey

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