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Timberland lake

Timberland lake

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Wandering Shawnigan Public · Hosted by Glen Crichton and 4WDABC Vancouver Island

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Well first off if you have traction control which i think came on anything after 2010 you cant lift the truck. You google search the problems with that. The next thing is and i know this as i have a 2009 ranger and was planning a super lift and coil overs so i have it well researched. The super lift will cost you over 3 grand installed and then you still have the torsion bars hanging down so you will need to do a coilovers to solve that. There is a guy on Ranger forums that has the brackets made to order and then you need to order the coilovers and do some welding. You also have to get different leaf springs that will raise the rear end 5 inches. In the end you dont get much more flex and the truck is still to long to get over many of the tank traps we have here bypassing gates .You could spend 5 grand on an older jeep and have a great bush rig and save your self a lot of time and money and you will have a solid diff. Once i figured the cost i said forget it its not worth it as your trying to make a truck into an offroad rig when its just not made to be.If you go larger than 31 inch tires you will go through your rack n pinion in no time and a new one is $700.To top that off the electronic switching for 4 wheel drive sucks and will often fail. There is a nice jeep stinger front bumper but watch the police here as they like to hand out VI if its not wide enough. There are way better jeeps or yotas to buy that will cost you less and take you where ever you want.

1 year 10 months ago in Need some advice

Could be storage for explosives.

1 year 11 months ago in Forebay Road

Island spring does lifts and custom stuff .Backing up 2 km that's crazy. Sounds like you need a winch more than anything.

1 year 11 months ago in Need some advice

You used to be allowed 1/2 inch of tire poke. But always better to have them fully covers. Go to motor vehicle regulations.

1 year 11 months ago in Tire poke/wheel offset - looking for input

Hey Steve
PMD you

2 years 3 weeks ago in Timberland lake