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2009 ford ranger 4x4

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Looks like you did a lot of work,looking good.

4 days 20 hours ago in B&M's XJ fun.

Oh ya thanks. Needs some TLC though. I am just going through it adding shocks ,tires, batteries, u joints ,tie rods and then I will hit you up to go out and do some offroading.

2 months 4 weeks ago in Beadlocks

No problem
You could also put a post in this forum under trips I believe it is saying your going there at a certain
time and mabee some else is willing to join or is going that way and looking for a second party like you are.
Let us know how it goes .

4 months 3 weeks ago in Port Hardy to Cape Scott

Hi,i be would curious to know how much snow you encounter.

4 months 4 weeks ago in Mt. Sicker

I agree with FX4 its sounds like flats are a common thing.You can check out this site as it has some road conditions from last year and will give
you a feel for what your up against.You could contact them as the might be able to give a idea of the road condition. https://www.coveadventuretours.com/cape-scott-road-conditions

5 months 23 hours ago in Port Hardy to Cape Scott