Nanaimo Area Updates?

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Nanaimo Area Updates?

Hey all,

Anyone have any updated info (conditions, gates etc.) on the trails around the Nanaimo Lakes Road, maybe that go to Mount Hayes, Whisky Lake or Timberland Pits? also was suggested that there may be some trails around the suspension bridge? Or any other recommendations really, always appreciated. Thinking of taking a quick trip tomorrow morning or maybe next weekend if anyone is around.


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We went up there a few weeks ago, its gated just past the motocross. You can get around if youre rolling bigger than 31" tyres and possibly a lift. Its tight and tricky but do-able. There are a bunch of downed trees blocking the main stem 10ish KM past gate, id like to head up there with a chainsaw and axe, see if i can clear it out. Still lots of fun on the side roads. It was my first time out, just moved from vancouver.

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