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94 Landcruiser

94 Landcruiser

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CB Radio SWR Tuning

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Long weekend destination

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Nitinat Lake area

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Sunday the 8th

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that all kinda depends on what vehicle you have and how far you are willing to drive, lots of amazing places you can camp between the malahat and cape Scott

2 months 1 day ago in Best Trails

Went there on the long weekend, was a great time even though it was pretty busy!

also as a reminder, always think about where you are parking/setting up camp! over night got a bunch of rain and 2 trucks woke up to water running under their trucks lol as seen in the before and after photos

2 months 2 weeks ago in Hidden waterfall spot

alright one more person asking for some cords or directions, haven't done to much north/mid island exploring but want to get up that way more hoping to find somewhere nice with the GF this weekend, thank you in advance!

3 months 4 days ago in Hidden waterfall spot

talk to Niko at island spring, seems like the go to for that sorta thing, or westshore spring and 4x4

10 months 1 week ago in 2005 Jimmy lifting options

ya I talked to a mosaic security guy beginning of summer and he said to get all the camping in the area you can now because lots of new gates are coming.. after doing a trip to the north island last month, it made me realize how shit the backcountry access really is down here, I've always wanted to move to the Cowichan valley, but more and more the north island is looking better

1 year 2 months ago in Finding a route into Gordon River Main