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2000 Toyota Tacoma

Wanted! 3RZ-FE for 2000 Tacoma

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summer camping?

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Nanaimo day trip?

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Easyish runs this Saturday?

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I've been up there lots in the last 2 years or so over the course of different seasons, the only time I've seen the gates closed is during the fire season but I've also seen the gates open during that time, other then the snow levels being to high that is the only reason not to make it up!

3 months 3 days ago in Mt. Bolduc

fx4, you could just tell him to search on this site for places to go, no need to be a dick

6 months 2 weeks ago in Trails Around victoria

Is a paid group, it's on and off the island!

2 years 11 months ago in Actual club!

Ya it's currently at Coombs Country Auto, but ya we didn't try for oliphant, headed up to cowi, turned when we saw a dirt road, and what do ya know- hill 60

3 years 5 months ago in Easyish runs this Saturday?

We never tried to make it to oliphant lake, we accidentally found hillcrest 60, and we had a nice little run,
Unfortunately on my way to Courtney my engine blew up, I might post a build thread
Will be a while till I get out again

3 years 5 months ago in Easyish runs this Saturday?