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CB Radio SWR Tuning

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Nitinat Lake area

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Sunday the 8th

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camping spot needed!

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2000 Toyota Tacoma

Wanted! 3RZ-FE for 2000 Tacoma

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wow thats looks like it would have been a fantastic trip! the pictures are beautiful

2 weeks 1 day ago in June 18 and 19th

At the moment we are trying to figure out where we should camp on Saturday night. But I think we are headed up to Mt Bolduc crash site Sunday morning because my buddy has never been.

10 months 1 week ago in Sunday the 8th

have you made a post on VI toyota 4x4 on face book about it?

10 months 1 week ago in STOLEN!!! 2ND GEN 4RUNNER BLACK WITH SNORKEL

if range is what your after, you probably wanna stick with VHF/UHF,
I only just picked up a cb radio and haven't even installed yet but from what I've gathered cb's are pretty much only useful for talking to people in you group in fairly close proximity

10 months 1 week ago in VHF/UHF/CB Radio Recommendations

looks like you guys had a great time out, wish I could have joined!

10 months 3 weeks ago in Monday Hill 60 Pics and More