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Max Griffiths
Best Trails

Hey Everyone,
Firstly, thanks for accepting me to be a part of the forum. I just moved to the area in order to attend uni at UBC, we have a 4 day weekend coming up and I was thinking of exploring the island. Does anybody have any advice for the best trails and/or campsites on the island? I was kind of hoping to make a 2-day trip out of it, but depending on trail length and camping areas we will see what I end up doing. Thanks guys!

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that all kinda depends on what vehicle you have and how far you are willing to drive, lots of amazing places you can camp between the malahat and cape Scott

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Gord Cameron

Unfortunately many if not most areas on the southern island are closed/gated due to drought and fire risk. I’ve heard the northern island is in better shape and has more open areas. Check out for recent gate info.

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Alberni Valley

The Island isn't gated due to fire risk. It is gated as part of a systematic endeavor by Mosaic to keep people out of the forests permanently.

Included in the public messaging is fire risk, along with risk to waterways and damage to delicate ecosystems. Of course anyone who has ever been in the backcountry on the Island can plainly see that the single biggest risk to our natural environment here is Mosaic themselves. This is made evident by the endless valleys of absolute destruction they leave in their wake.

Gates are more useful in keeping regular people out of the bush so that companies like Mosaic may continue to destroy what is left of our formerly beautiful forests for profit, without the prying eyes of regular people who might be shocked at the level of destruction taking place out there.

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