Nitinat Lake area

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Nitinat Lake area

Hey All.

Heading out towards Nitinat lake area for the long weekend,
the Cheewhat giant is on the list to go take a look at, anything else any one could recommend to go look at?

probably going to spend the nights near looper creek or sprise lake.


safe travels everyone

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Might want to check out carmanah Walbran provincial park while your up there!

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Carmanah walbran is only like 20 mins passed where the cheewhat giant is. If you haven't been before you should definitely go.

It's also quite difficult to find the trail to the cheewhat giant. I kept missing it and only found it by using GPS coordinates on my handheld GPS

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Could always pay your respects at the two WWII era plane crash sites in the area. One is near Flora Lake, it went down in the early hours of November 10th, 1944 with 10 fatalities. The other is on Mt. Bolduc, it crashed April 25th, 1944 with 6 fatalities. In both crashes, the men were actually buried on site and the wreckage remains.

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