2005 Jimmy lifting options

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Benjamin Jollymore
2005 Jimmy lifting options

Hi everyone. I have an '05 jimmy (5 speed, 4x, 4.3) and I'm looking to lift it and put some good rims/tires this spring for some back country camping with my son. I'm having trouble finding lift kits for it and was hoping for some direction as to who I can talk to.

Thanks in advance

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talk to Niko at island spring, seems like the go to for that sorta thing, or westshore spring and 4x4

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Scott Fraser

Westshore Spring and 4x4 is your best local bet as far as I know.

As for kits...

Rough Country offers a full 2.5" kit, as well as 6" kit.

Personally I would avoid doing the torsion bar way as much as possible - you'll go through front end parts left right and center.

There is also a 2" body lift kit for both 2 door and 4 door. (can't seem to find it online)

The Blazer Forum is an awesome resource for Blazers/Jimmys.

I have a 2002 four door SLS Jimmy myself.


the Rough Country 2.5" kit - https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-242n2.html?find=2005...

Blazer Forum - Lift Kits List - https://blazerforum.com/forum/suspension-tech-12/lift-kit-list-16313/

Tire wise about the max ya wanna go is 31X10.50 - yes you can get up to 33" with the small lift and body lift but you are going to be busting stuff all the time (from what the experts tell me).

The real pain is find good steel wheels for our rides. We have 6" backspacing and a 5x4.75 bolt pattern.

best bet is the stock steel rim

Next choice is something that has backspace of 4.5" to 5" - this means they stick out a bit. As well as a lot of people put a 1.25" spacer on the back to even out the track.

I swear by Tires Unlimited on Gorge for tires and wheels myself.

Hope this helps.

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Scott Fraser

Body lift - I would double check and see if it will work with your 2005


Same kit by the looks of it but they say for upto 2004


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