Saturday Pictures

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Saturday Pictures

What isn't pictured here (but I'm sure Shane can help with that) is him pulling me out with a winch and a snatch block. Been a while but seems like every time I go out with him I get into some interesting situations! Can't thank him and Brit enough for all the help.

Good run yesterday meandering around Whiskey Creek and Nanoose. Not the best weather but made for a good sweat.

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Looks awesome!

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Adrian Jay
Victoria, BC

Looks like a fun time! Lol. I would have liked to have seen the situation you were in to get winched out!!

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Alberni Valley

A few more pictures, including the winch out situation :)

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Adrian Jay
Victoria, BC

Very nice fellas!! Looks like a lot of fun! Dam ditch caught Seth! Lol. That’s awesome.
I took a boo at the backroads mapbook and there looks to be a large number of roads and trails just West of Nanimo heading out to 4th lake! So much to see!

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