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XJ Shell

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XJ Parts

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04/20 Run

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No sure where to go anymore

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Would be interesting to watch this thing trek around in the bush... it's a little large and a little low to attempt to go the places we usually do but nonetheless it would be fun to watch.
PS. I agree - lift it and get her a stool!

9 years 7 months ago in New Member

Still have a spare XJ for parts... axles, stock diffs, interior etc.

9 years 7 months ago in Hey Welshy or Beer n Meat

You work on your 100psi water pistol and I'll start promoting the sale of white t-shirts!

9 years 9 months ago in maybe I should have called it black beauty

I think I'll go..

9 years 10 months ago in Sunday May 25th

I might also say that I'm willing to do a stake out mission to catch the bastards dropping the shit there lol

9 years 10 months ago in organizing a trail clean up in our respective areas.