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maybe I should have called it black beauty

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Is it time we organise....

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Been a while,

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so got brakes steering and insurance lets go camping/ wheeling may long!

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you guys ever heard of the Alexander McKenzie heritage trail?

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well boys and girls, it has been a little while, time to update. my good .030 block was no good. and neither was the one I sent to the machinist to be hot tanked and rebuilt. so it was time to pull the only good block I had out of the jeep. it was in surprisingly great shape. no1 cylinder was worn .006 and no6 was worn .005 so I could have just run it.... but I had plans.
.030 over bore, crank polish, new pistons, decked block. to .030
new cam, lifters, springs, keepers, locks.
.027 thickness cometic head gasket
ported head, semi polished chambers.
oil pump, timing set,
Ended up dumping the spring and pin cam bolt for a solid bolt with the head shaved to allow a few thou end play in the cam with the timing cover bolted on. this will assure the cam doesn't walk and chew the bearings out.

machinist polished the crank to fit main bearing in spec, and over sized the rods to fit the bearings to spec after the crank was polished.

final assembly by yours truly.

installed and fired up, now this was a giant PITA. they don't tell you but the cam being ground advanced by 4 degrees means that indexing the distributor will result in a no fire situation as the cam sensor is now 4 degrees out from the crank. took out the tabs that locate the distributor in the block and had a buddy spin the distributor while I cranked till it fired yup 4 degrees out. got it nailed down, fired and started to break it in. over heating and apparently a plugged heater core. waiting on a 3 core aluminum rad and found a 3 core copper rad I forgot about. installed and ran it again with a fan shroud this time and it stayed cool. still waiting on aluminum rad. but I am ready to insure it and drive it around.

2 months 1 week ago in maybe I should have called it black beauty

also it turns out the rod bearings were done before I did them and were replaced with babbit while the rest were the aluminum silicone alloy. a very big no no apparently.

4 months 2 days ago in maybe I should have called it black beauty

my .030 block was no good, pulled my runner to be rebuilt. 4 hrs to pull and strip the motor, tested the block when we got to the machinist had .006 wear in the front cylinder and .005 wear in the rear cylinder. could have just just run it but the cam bearings had a ton of shit off the worn out crank embedded in them. so in it went yesterday. hope to receive a good ready to assemble block next week.

4 months 2 days ago in maybe I should have called it black beauty

Well after it sitting for about a year and having only redone the intake exhaust 2 years ago i had a broken off exhaust stud. Time to get my poop in a group
Lunati cam shaft
Valve springs

Turns out i have a good .030 block n bottom end, im just gonna run it.
Port n polish

7 months 2 weeks ago in maybe I should have called it black beauty

Updates, new concrete pad for me!

1 year 2 months ago in maybe I should have called it black beauty