Is it time we organise....

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Is it time we organise....

Is it time we organise a huge ass show and grime? Ive got connections to the duncan lodge and, my buddy shiny has some musical connections, we could coordinate and put on a couple demonstrations with vendors? Do a weekend campout kinda thing? July or August long weekend?
The lodge has more than enough area for probably 50 campers. Front and center on quamichan lake. Two years ago they managed to use a flat bed trailer as a stage and had a small beer gardens, playground there good for kids. Licenced kitchen facilities. And bar. ... try and get some sponsored goods for draws... whats everybody think?

As for me ive been busy at work. Lifes kinda taken a back burner and ive been offering my mechanical services to the public, been busy af.
Yj has been sitting possible broken spring.. gonna rework a whole bunch of it while I drive/wheel the stock xj... . So yah about a show and grime! Any Interested parties?

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Sounds great. I'd be down for it. Not sure if this is the best place to post. Forums been a bit dead lately.

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North Cowichan

I'm not sure about a city event myself but put together a bush camp out and I'm game.

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I've wheeled with enough people from all different groups and I've met or had the dis-pleasure of having to wheel with douchebags. I'm not interested in meeting any new ones, especially a whole bunch all in one spot.

I'm going to pass thanks.

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