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Union Bay
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Hey Y'all!

I have just joined the group today Oct 25 2023. I recently came into a 2009 Ford F250 Super Duty that I'd like to use for camping and back country adventures. I'm mid island in Union Bay. I plan to do some back country skiing this winter and might get a snowmobile again now that I have a truck again. I've lived on the island for many years but still haven't gone very far off road other than Nitnat camping in the summer many years ago when I lived in Victoria. I'm looking to connect with some local people and do some not too difficult off road in Buckley bay main area if anybody knows of a good area to go with a fairly stock F250.

One question I have is, what do you keep in your truck for tools etc?

Also taking a poll on, Tonneau cover or Canopy? What do you like better and why?

Also looking for a winch that's mounted on a receiver hitch if anyone has one for sale shoot me a text.

Thanks Y'all


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