1992 Diahatsu Hijet

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Dale hynes
1992 Diahatsu Hijet

Diahatsu Hijet Jumbo, a bigger cab that the regular Hijet, I'm 6'2" and fit very well.
Lift kit, locking differential in rear, 6.88:1 final drive ratios, 4WD, four speed Hi/Lo range.
12x23x10 tires on 12x7.5 wheels.
These are the limiting factor of it's off road ability, they are the tallest tires that will fit without rubbing, and with only 40 HP available to turn them.
Armour plating on suspension. oil pan etc.
Will ford about 26 inches of water.. then it floats away.
55 inches wide, 72 inches tall, ten feet long.
It will go just about anywhere!

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