Lenora on Mt Sicker

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Richard Driver
Qualicum Beach
Lenora on Mt Sicker

Hi everyone

I am new on this site so please bear with me...
I produce travel and underwater video productions as a hobby.
Currently I am working on a production called "Abandoned Mines of Vancouver Island".
So far I have gotten video from the Sooke area to Campbell River but I want to go to Lenora on Mt Sicker.
With the dry summer, I have been postponing a trip there but now I am getting close to the weather closing in on me.
I am looking for the best way to assess Lenora and the mines in that area.
Which road is best, when are the gates open, and what are the roads like?
I do have a 4x4 Ford F150 but it's pretty much stock suspension.
I expect to be in there for about 4 hours but since I have never been in there, I am not sure how long I should expect to be gate to gate if that is an issue.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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