3 point kit for toyota 4 runner mid 80's

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Peter Luckham
Thetis Island
3 point kit for toyota 4 runner mid 80's

This is a kit, bought from BIG Country Customs in Abbotsford at least 3 or 4 years ago.
You know it's good quality, you also know how much it cost new.
It's still new but with a little surface oxidation.

I never got around to it. It needs to go to someone that will get around to it.

I also have a 1.9 litre VW diesel with the acme plate mounted to a 4 runner 4X4 tranny.
I have a hard front axle, the rear axle, drive shaft. Pitman steering box, springs various other parts

It is all set up in a Kubvan, the engine runs and drive train functions, I am pulling it from the van it is is in to use the van for a different project.

Taking offers:
All of it for $2500.00
The 3 point kit is $1250.00

250-252-0758 txt is best or email.

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