Bushranger 200XT $6000 OBO

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John Bennett
Bushranger 200XT $6000 OBO

Custom built Aussie Overland camper is ready for a new owner and continued adventures. If you’re ready to get away from the crazy crowds with lots of living space this fits the bill.
Weighting only 1,300lbs this camper is perfect for Tacoma, Jeep, or SUV. The trailer pulls awesome and can run 75 mph down the freeway with a V6.
Trailerman built in Canada to spec.
Tent brought from Australia by container ship. Made by OZ Trail.
Camper dry weigh is 1,300lbs.
Trailer includes:
-XO Trailer Jack (two wheels) Made by ARK in Australia. Easily move trailer around on all surfaces.
-Timberen axle less suspension.
-Trailer brakes.
-Boat rack
-One 5lb propane tank. And a couple of 20lb if requested.
-Max Coupler fully articulating hitch.
-2 fresh water jerry cans. (5 gallon plastic)
-Aluminium checker plate lockable tongue box. Lots of extra storage.
-Trailer storage area is 4ftx7ft
-Small generator (1000w)
Oz Trail Ridgeline Zenith tent includes:
OZtrail Ridgeline Zenith Camper Trailer Tent
OZtrail Ridgeline Zenit Camper Trailer Tent Top is quick & easy to set up to use. The heavy duty canvas tent will provide a large size space for any family for the next camping holiday.
-Main tent plus awning.
-Hydraulic lift system to lift the tent as to access the 4x7 storage of the trailer.
-Queen size bed that rest on top of the trailer once the tent is deployed. (Sleeps awesome)
All bedding including pillows can be left right on the bed and stored there when the tent is closed up.
-Complete Sunroom for inclosing the front awning including floor.
Setup for the tent can be as little as 10 minutes just to pop it open to sleep in. Full setup/breakdown for us is about 30 minutes with awning supports etc.
Normal wear and tear to the canvass tent.
This unit is perfect for people who like space....couples, kids, campers who love bringing their dogs along camping. The amount of room in this camper when deployed is quite large. Stand to change clothes, huge area for dogs to sleep, and plenty of room to hang out if the weather gets bad. Then when you want to take your vehicle to go to town, trailhead, you can, because your camp is set up and not attached to your rig like most roof top tents.

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Paul Byrne
Victoria BC

Hey Jaden. We’re interested in your trailer tent. Where are you situated? Are there any leaks in the tent section? And have you any more pics please.
Paul Byrne.
250 857 1366

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