Mendeola 2D & S4

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Terry Fisher
Mendeola 2D & S4

Selling my Mendeola S4 because I'm upgrading to a S5D. It has 4.57 R&P Chevy V8 bell housing includes shifter and clutch. Gear Ratios 3.09, 2.08, 1.67 and 1.37. Last service was January 2017 and maybe 4 trips on it. Price $7800

Upgraded to a Mendeola 4S sequential, selling our Mendeola 2D transmission with two seasons on it. It has 5.14 R&P

Gear Ratios -
1st 2.94
2nd 1.97
3rd 1.51
4th 1.12

Works great. It was just time to upgrade to the sequential. Price $4,500

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