Virgin Falls Rip

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Matthew Killins
Grande Prairie, AB
Virgin Falls Rip

Hey everybody, I’m looking to do a little rip up to the virgin falls. I’m visiting the area Ucluelet , and tifino and looking to see something not over taken by tourist all while enjoying the true back country of the island. The days that work for me are August 15 or 16. If any one is interested let me know and we can arrange something. Also any suggestions of places to check out in that area? I’m driving a stock 2020 tundra with 1” larger than stock BFG A/Ts. I have recovery gear but No winch. From what I read on here the road sounds not to bad I guess depending on weather I’m sure.

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Rob Withers

Hey I’m thinking of doing this trail this weekend. Sept 2-4 has anyone been on it lately?

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Dixon Shane Ormiston
South island

That is funny I was just there.
The trail is good. You’ll come to a pedestrian bridge that is blocking the road.
You cAn hear the falls from here. To the left of the blockage is a short twist up trail that gets you to the base off the falls.

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