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Nanaimo stock friendly

Author: 4x4famjam
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Haha, mines all stock, and I mean ALL...still no info on another way in? Any access from the little town of extension at all?

9 months 3 weeks ago in Nanaimo stock friendly

I didn't make it there no, didn't try, but think I will in nicer weather when it's not so soupy? I took the truck up to Weigles and did some exploring, but the ice was fairly thick and the trails were pretty gnarly in some places so we turned around. Is there another entrance into extension? I saw there was a few spots on google earth but hard to locate them on the road while driving.

9 months 4 weeks ago in Nanaimo stock friendly

Tried to head up to whisky lake but seemed too difficult for my stock jimmy to go in (the entrance just before the "y") can anyone point me in a much easier entrance?

10 months 5 days ago in Nanaimo stock friendly

Well that's good info to know. Thanks for all the info, I'll have to post some pics and all that once I head out. Hoping Sunday's weather turns around.

10 months 1 week ago in Nanaimo stock friendly

Just read the whisky lake post under mine and ya I have an idea now. Thanks for the tips. Anywhere I can have a fire? Prefer a place that already has a pit made.

10 months 1 week ago in Nanaimo stock friendly