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I have a Toyota surf. Have some free time on the weekends!

6 months 18 hours ago in new to forum

It's a 1991 toyota hilux surf, new to me, and it's going to be a camping/ logging road car when I'm done with her.

Not into hard mud bogging just getting out on the trails and seeing the scenes and beautiful areas...

Some honey camping is awesome as well.

Let me know how Sunday works if you want to come out?
Have a nice week!

6 months 2 weeks ago in new to forum

Yeah I collected some stuff the last couple of times I was out there always seem to come back with a half grocery bag or more...

But yeah let me jnow if this Sunday works for going out...
Going to attempt to get to bear creek, but yeah used to wheel when I was younger haha.

I've calmed down now, just like the scenic areas.

6 months 2 weeks ago in new to forum

Yeah man, that sounds great!
Also if you ever want to come down here I know a few of the logging roads out towards Jordan river and Renfrew!

Hope to meet up soon!

6 months 2 weeks ago in new to forum