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First 4x4

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Thanks for the AWESOME feedback Dirt Nerd, I love Toyota's because they feel so bullet-proof. I've heard of the 3Z problems but the guy says it's a new crate motor so if he's got the paperwork and I can confirm that it'll be very settling. It'll be my DD for when I can't ride my sportbike, and it will be mostly for ripping around back roads and getting me to sweet surf spots so no CRAZY rock crawling. I'll probably do a solid axle swap and a locker if I start getting serious but mostly just fender flares, and a roof rack.

Another question I've got is about front bumpers/bull bars: Are they worth it? I know I can mount a winch to it, any other input?

5 years 6 months ago in First 4x4

Hey guys, been a while since I posted on here but what do you guys of this?


5 years 6 months ago in First 4x4

Haha okay that's something I'll consider! I can always buy a smaller lift kit right? Also, the tires ARE fairly worn and have a pretty aggressive offset, can anyone recomend a tire size/offset that wont draw so much attention and be a little more street friendly? I know I can phone Toyota up with the VIN and ask if they have ever done a head gasket replacment on the engine because it was part of a recall it's covered under Toyota apparently (or so I've read).

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What if I could get it for 3? How much would tires and turn signals be?

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Man that thing looks killer. not normaly a snorkel guy but that one sits pretty flush to the bod, whats the brand?

5 years 7 months ago in theshanergy's 93 Toyota 4Runner