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4 banger jeep build

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heads up, duratracs are on sale at canadian tire right now 172.99 each 31x10.5

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does the starter crank and it just doesnt start? my 2010 jku would just crank and crank and would not start. no codes. it ended up being the fuse box under the hood. the under side of all the wires in the fuse box

were all corroded and a few were not making connections.

it was 800 to fix at duncan dodge/jeep.

2 years 3 months ago in Jeep keeps breaking down

Haha nice. I'm sure your gonna love it. Been a while we gotta get back out there soon.

4 years 3 days ago in theshanergy's 2012 JK Rubicon

Nice pics

4 years 3 days ago in Some Pictures

I seen you guys? I was in black 4dr jk.

4 years 4 days ago in Hill 60

Looks good dude. Never thought I'd see you in a jeep.

4 years 5 days ago in theshanergy's 2012 JK Rubicon