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Grant Lake access? (near shawnigan)

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I didn't attempt to get past the trench, there was no way forward from there except through the trench unfortunately.

3 months 2 days ago in Bear Creek Reservoir

Looked man made for sure, just before a fork in the road with a newly graveled road on the other side. All around there were signs of heavy equipment tearing up the brush and the far side of the trench was in-filled / built up with a dump of shale and large rock

3 months 2 days ago in Bear Creek Reservoir

Hey everyone, new member here, I just moved back home to the island after a long stint (13 years) working in Edmonton... I'm having a hard time adjusting to all of the gates and roadblocks keeping us out from enjoying our beautiful land here. I've gone out on a handful of scouting trips this summer up around Courtenay, Lake Cowichan, Sooke & Jordan river looking for nice secluded areas to fish and camp, but every time out I've been disappointingly turned around by gates and trenches.

Anyhow this post is to let you all know that yesterday, Sept. 6 2021, I attempted to get to Bear Creek Reservoir via Forebay and was stopped by a massive trench on the main road. Not sure if I could have made it through, but wasn't going to attempt it solo.

This was my first time out there, going off my brothers' directions, but he swears we were on the correct trail (seemed to be the main road the whole way up), the trench is about 2km before Bear creek reservoir, just past the end of Diversion.

3 months 2 days ago in Bear Creek Reservoir