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Hi Tony

Great Info! Thanks!
Not certain about exploring Van Island in the near future. Too many restrictions and uncertainties about where to go without being reported to the LAW(annoying the general public).
Will probably setup the 14' W X 16' L X 6' H wall tent west of Whitecourt, Alberta. Crown land and no parks or roads into the remote area. Quad area for the non faint of heart. Grizzly area as well but have a 20' X 20' perimeter electric fence with a remote switch. Lookup a Utube video "Grizzly, Whitecourt, Alberta". The Blacks are also in the area so always on guard.

WIll wait for the late summer to explore the area of Grave Flats AB. West of the Smallboy Cree Settle. Never camp along the rivers or their flood plains. Wildlife corridors.

Stay SAfe.

1 year 4 weeks ago in Any trails in Courtenay?

Hello Trail Seekers!

Just joined the forum, new to the island, and unfamiliar with the RULES of the back roads. As full sized vehicles, off road passenger vehicles are allowed are OHVs a legal entity once the vehicle trail ends and narrows to a trail in the woods. Attempting to understand if I tow my quad to the end point if the trails prohibit OHVs?

Thanks for sharing your adventures.

1 year 2 months ago in Mount DeCosmos

Hi Brian!

I joined the forum today and am looking to explore the Courtenay area beginning with Panther Lake North West of Comox Lake.

Have you ventured out in that area?

1 year 2 months ago in Any trails in Courtenay?