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i was up there last year and they deactivated the last leg of the road going up the steepest part up up the ledge. Its getting tight that's forsure and the bridge is out just before the lake pretty awesome spot though

8 years 1 month ago in shaw lake

Hey does anyone know if the kapoor Main in Shawnigan is open Yet?

8 years 1 month ago in 88 sami rear tub

thanks big red so is that the route that goes through the clearcut up to the semi big landing up on the butler main just before the gate that is welded shut that was a previous route years ago? cant wait to try it

8 years 1 month ago in Butler Main Road.

hey can ya still access butlermain from the bearcreek resevoir area? i heard about a routr from renfrew past pixie lake or skutz? any imfomation would be much appreciated! i drive a sr5 on 33s

8 years 2 months ago in Butler Main Road.

hey does the skutz falls entrance still have no gate? and can u find your way up to shawnigan area like the kapoor or west jordan m/L? any info would be awesome heading back to town soon and ive heard the kapoor hill gate is still locked up thx

8 years 2 months ago in Great day to explore Glenora (Duncan)