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WTB: Explorer 8.8

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holy shit! thats rad!

6 years 4 months ago in Nitnat Caves (Looper Creek Canyon)

Got my front locker, sway bay disconnects, and winch bumper installed... started collecting sye parts. but back to work for a couple weeks now. hopefully I can meet up next set out and thrash..

6 years 6 months ago in pretty quiet here

Figured it wouldnt hurt to ask.... but im trying to get away from a dana 35 rear...

6 years 6 months ago in XJ Parts

Hey trackick, I might be up for some weekday action early next week.. I work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off..

6 years 6 months ago in The Season Approaches

Hey I'm Ian and I live in Vic. Picked up a 91 XJ and am looking foward to get out in the bush more again..

6 years 6 months ago in Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road