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15 inch tires

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My VHF/UHF rig is field programmable which is super convenient when you are rolling along and see the sign notifying you of the frequency. Makes life quite a bit easier... Have you looked into programming your radio yourself? Save some $$ and you can update it whenever you need to.

8 months 3 days ago in VHF radio

Anyone listen on the Natural Resources frequencies? I have 'em in my scanner and its good to know when a fire is nearby.

11 months 3 weeks ago in VHF radio

Yes the skip is not the best now but its still there from time to time.

I'm a ham too. I also enjoy the charms of CB. Here's a shot of my girl and myself talking from a few minutes ago. She's mobile and I'm on our base station.

1 year 6 months ago in 2m radio frequencies

Thanks, I figured 16 but 5 is also one I will listen to.

I leave my radio on 10 99% of the time since that's what all the Victoria people including my girlfriend use.

I'm putting a 108 inch (not 102) whip on the side of my runner so range will not be an issue. Also gonna put a little firestik off the hood channel with an antenna switch to change between them for long distance in the clear and clearance in the bush.

I've talked to north Seattle from Clover Point. You don't need to be high but it sure helps LOL. Talked to a fishing boat 40 miles offshore of California halfway between LA and San Francisco on Tuesday.

I've talked skip to Louisiana, Chicago, Mojave Desert, Sacramento, Las Vegas to name a few. From the top of Mt. Tolmie in Victoria. Thats with a K40 antenna magnet mounted to the roof.

1 year 6 months ago in 2m radio frequencies

Goldstream Heights is the best spot to go for reception on the south island. Just find a vacant lot and drive in.

If anyone wants to chat locally channels used around here are:

10 - Victoria and Westshore There are about a dozen regular CB users around here. My GF is DoubleDelta and I am LongJohn.
6 - Port Angeles and Sequim Catbox, Wagon Master and Mongoose are the ones I talk to the most. Mt Tolmie or Goldstream Heights are the best places to talk.
8 - North Puget Sound dont talk to them too often but I have in the past from Clover Point
20 - Haven't figured out where those guys are yet. They never talk back :(

1 year 6 months ago in 2m radio frequencies