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I think they stacked lock blocks in the entrance to the mine last year.

1 year 1 week ago in Yellow Creek Mine

Hi Brent,

I've seen you post in some 4x4 groups on Facebook. Nice rig and you seem to know your way around Nanaimo's backroads. I got out to Timberland Lake today through a tight little trail off McKay Lake FSR and ended up coming back from way up the hill since I was out there by myself. Luckily the gate was unlocked on my way down.

Is there any more stock-friendly route to get to Timberland Lake without relying on mosaic to leave the Spruston connector/Timberlands Rd gates open? Trying to find an easier way to enjoy this beautiful spot. Thanks, any help is appreciated.

3 years 3 months ago in Timberland lake