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Easy trails

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Samurais back up and running!

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Wanted: Anything that is a 4x4

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Yeah I work as well too

8 years 6 months ago in Samurais back up and running!

Yeah I want to go wheelin soon! I've the front end torn out of it right now -_- I broke her the last time I took her out so I'll get it back up and running this weekend so I'll be down for a run anytime after that!

8 years 6 months ago in Samurais back up and running!

I think I might be coming up to cowichan tomorrow!

8 years 6 months ago in Samurais back up and running!

That guy fell asleep at the wheel and he went into a ditch lol I tried to buy that guys vin number off him but his got pretty much written off so his vins were no good

8 years 9 months ago in Easy trails

Oh god I flipped it on a pretty busy intersection too right at colwood strip. 4 separate groups of my friends ended up driving by and saw my sammi flipped and the previous owners friend saw me too and ended up taking pics of it. Anyways anyone have some samurai parts I can buy. I need a non welded rear diff. and maybe a few other bits once I really get into looking at it closely. Also anyone know where I can bring it to inspect where they aren't as picky on the inspections?

8 years 10 months ago in Easy trails