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Rubicon express kit

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The reservoir just off Jordan river is pretty nice. Easy trail but you can get right into the dam which is cool to walk around.

6 months 1 day ago in Looking for trails around Sooke

I'm heading out to the shawnigan area for 10ish, if anyone's around throw me a pm

1 year 5 months ago in Sunday Sooke run

I'm interested, time you planning to hit the trail also how much of a game plan have you got so far?

1 year 5 months ago in Sunday Sooke run

So I have the one shim in now to put the arm as close to where it sat originally I just don't know where the other on goes

1 year 5 months ago in Rubicon express kit

08 wrangler jk with a Rubicon express kit

1 year 6 months ago in New guy!