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Big truck fun?

Author: OnlyDaBest007
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Newbie needs guide

Author: OnlyDaBest007
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Is there no one else with a full size rig coming out? I make a good anchor & U'd b surprised where I can fit. But if u rather I didn't come out......

1 year 1 month ago in saturday 25th

Do u mind if my full size rig tags along?

1 year 1 month ago in saturday 25th

Me too but I've got a full size truck with 4" lift,33"tires but no winch

1 year 1 month ago in saturday 25th

So today was fun, being by myself didn't do nothing too scary. Hoping tomorrow to do a bit more exploring. Easy to get lost even with the off-road map book. Lol

1 year 4 months ago in Big truck fun?

Really fun day, can't wait to get out again. Thx for the invite

1 year 9 months ago in Full Size runs