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2001 Grand Cherokee 4.0L 242 tcase - 14 caravan (family mover)

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Howdy ... been focused on low and fast car builds till now. my first 4x4, my first jeep. Family expressed interest in doing some camping, I've thought about doing some trail fun and exploring.

got my hands on a 2001 Grand Cherokee, 4.0L, 242 Tcase. needs some work before it hits the road (like ANY used cherokee ive ever looked at haha) .. all the front joints, some exhaust, drivers seat, and a VI (which is how I got ahold of it at work) ... but the unibody/floors solid, all the things I care about work and are solid.

build plans are relatively mild in the suspension (3inch, probably long arms, 265/75/16's, trimming... ) .. more into 'armor' things.. and 'overland' style camping/gear hauling mods. Honestly it'll spend more time on pavement or in bad weather then it will offroad, so I wanna do a weekend warrior that still has nice street manors.

And some hot roddy stuff over time ... just cause I gotta mess with the engine/trans... etc :D

2 years 4 weeks ago in Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road