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I have a 5th gen too, figured I could chime in and provide some insight if you haven't had time to find the following information yourself.

So I had the same issue with ground clearance when I first hit the trails too, always seemed to kiss the front or rear end. What I and most people do, throw in some Bilstein 5100 shocks on all 4 corners. The 5100's are height adjustable up to 2.5" in the front, 2" extra travel in the rear.

We set the fronts to the 2.5" setting WITH the stock springs and either install 1", 1.5" or 2" spacers in the rear. or you do it the right way and install 2" lift springs in the rear instead of spacers. I would personally recommend either the Icon 52700 2" lift springs or the Toytec 2" SuperFlex lift springs. Personally I went with the Icon springs only because I'm likely going to go the way of higher performance suspension systems from Icon anyways, so may as well get the springs I'd end up with anyways. But the SuperFlex's from Toytec look great too, I was most interested in the "10% load increase over stock" claim and the, what looks like more coils per spring.

Some folks recommend the OME 895 or something rather springs, but I did a bunch of extra reading on those springs and apparently unless you're planning on keeping some sort of consistent load in the back, they're too stiff for normal everyday use.

New set of BFG K02 tires and you're good to go. That said, you can stick with the stock size (265/70/17) like I did to start, or you can move on up to the 275/70/17, which is what I'll be moving onto after I burn through this set. Alternatively you can go all the way up to 285/70/17 but then you get into fender liner as well as fender chop modifications and in most cases, the body mount chop as well, which is why a lot of folks stick to the 275 route and even then, depending on the wheel offset you're running ,you might still need to do the fender liner mod, which is so easy a 13 year old girl could do.

Alternatively a lot of people go with the full 3" lift BUT, on 4Runners, anything over 2.5" (the Bilstein 5100 lift), you WILL need an aftermarket Upper Control Arm for proper wheel alignment.

With the Bilstein lift though, the vast majority of folks don't need to upgrade the UCA's but on the rare occasion, some 4Runners need the new UCA's even with the 2.5" lift.

I didn't need them, that being said, it's still recommended and I DO plan on replacing mine eventually.

What model 5th gen do you have? SR5, TRD, Trail?

1 year 7 months ago in Need some advice

For sure, sounds good to me!

1 year 7 months ago in Weekend Wheelin?

I prefer Saturdays but I'm fine with Sunday if that works better for you

1 year 7 months ago in Weekend Wheelin?

ok sweet, then maybe lets do the Hill 60 river to Mt Sicker route, if that sounds good to you unless you want to explore somewhere new, I'm good with that too.

1 year 7 months ago in Weekend Wheelin?

Sweet! Well I don't want nails in my tires, but maybe enough people have already been through since and collected all the nails with their tires?

I'm down with the view point at Skuts Falls too, if you wanna see if there's a way around the super sketch. If not, is there a way to turn around or is it more of a "gotta push through" kinda trail?

Any cool places like camp spots or lakes etc, in the Hill 60 area?

1 year 7 months ago in Weekend Wheelin?