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good & honest offroad shops in Langford, Victoria, Sydney?

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Backroad Mapbooks new app now available

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Yeah that would make sense.

Went in for a simple shock swap and lift, came out with a shock swap and lift but they threw in new mis-aligned steering for free. Went back to have them sort that out and they did...after 2 and a half hours of dicking around. Get it back, the bloody traction control light was on.

Me: why's the traction control light on?
Shop owner: oh yeah, I was wondering about that. Is that not supposed to be on?
Me: yuh, no...

And don't even get me started on the woman at the front counter. I dunno wtf her deal is.

I'd go to my best friend who's a backyard mechanic who used to own his own shop, but he's got some serious medical issues and his quality of work has just been slipping as the years go on and health deteriorates. =(

Need a new backyard mechanic, lol

1 month 3 days ago in good & honest offroad shops in Langford, Victoria, Sydney?

Yeah, got some work done there recently, wasn't very happy with any part of the experience. No clue how or why they have such good reviews

1 month 6 days ago in good & honest offroad shops in Langford, Victoria, Sydney?

I'm new to the site (hi) but read this thread and figured I'd answer this. My wife and I wanted to see if we could get to Bear Creek via the Shawnigan Lake route but found the Kapoor Main gate closed, was pretty lame. We think we're going to try the Forebay road route this coming weekend.

TLDR; It's still closed.

3 months 4 weeks ago in Kapoor Main and Bear Creek Reservoir