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good & honest offroad shops in Langford, Victoria, Sydney?

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Tire poke/wheel offset - looking for input

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Backroad Mapbooks new app now available

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I'm not great on giving directions but if you have Gaia Maps, here's the route

Basically Muir main and then a right onto Alligator main at the bridge. I'll post a screen shot of the map tracks.

1 year 10 months ago in Moderate routes nearish Victoria.

While secret lake isn't "hard" to get to, I'm a little concerned that a Subaru Outback may or may not take some minor damage on the last trail to the spot. I remember doing it my first time in my 2015 4runner (stock height at the time) and I took some damage near my running boards. Likely due to new off-road driver error, but still worth noting.

It's not a hard journey, the trail is quite mild, there's just a some larger stones here and there about 500 meters before the spot. Luckily there's plenty of places to turn around along the way, hell, I've seen vehicles with less ground clearance do it, but those were shit boxes that the owners clearly didn't care about.

Also, expect there to be a bunch of dirt bike/ quad / SXS red necks monopolizing the cabin and firepit. I consider myself lucky if there's room to park. That being said, I never go there anymore unless it's to show a friend, because of how busy it is ALL THE TIME.

Really cool spot though, everyone should go at least once!

1 year 10 months ago in Moderate routes nearish Victoria.

Awesome pictures Seth!

I think I figured out what the cause of the water was...remember all the trash we picked up? Well the trash bag we used had a bunch of holes in it from the sharp plastic object we threw in at the beginning.

The water from the cans and trash dripped through the holes and onto the cargo tray and underneath it... gross.

Anyways, at least I know there isn't any leaks or broken seals.

1 year 10 months ago in Weekend Wheelin?

Yeah it was fun! I still feel really bad for Seth. Always a bit un-nerving to have something happen to a tire, thank god he had a spare.

Did everyone make it home safe?

We've GOT to do that again as soon as possible, and bring our new member Dave with us!

BTW, got home, started unloading my gear and noticed the cargo tray in my trunk was soaked! Checked under the cargo tray, it was wet too! I can't see the huge deep mud puddle being the cause but I can't think of what else would've caused it. No clue how water would've gotten back there.

Anyways, glad to meet Seth and Eric, good dudes!

1 year 10 months ago in Weekend Wheelin?

Welcome Dave!

I'd also recommend the 4WDABC Vancouver Island facebook group. I've met some really nice people on some large group runs over there.

So far everyone I've met here are very laid back, very nice folks, so whom ever you go on a run with, you'll make a new friend.

We just did a run yesterday but you can bet we'll be back at it again soon and will be organizing it here. So just keep checking in OR you could even organize something yourself and we'll likely tag along!

1 year 10 months ago in My ride 95 trailrunner