Backroad Mapbooks new app now available

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Backroad Mapbooks new app now available

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let ya know that the new BRMB app is now available, for Android at least. I don't own an iPhone so I don't know about that OS.

Anyways. Still needs a bit of work, no Pin Drop feature and the pinch to zoom resolution load time can take longer in more trail populated areas but it's not horrible.

It's well polished and has an intuitive UI. Plain and simple to use with easy layer toggles. Saving offline maps is stupid easy although it doesn't look like there's currently a feature for importing or exporting maps and or data which some of you might not be a fan of. I know I've got several trails I've tracked and saved that I'd really like to transfer over to the BRMB app, so that's a lil disappointing. Guess I'll just have to switch between apps to cover those trails and re-track them on the BRMB app....actually sounds like fun, lol.

"Early bird" pro subscription pricing is like $3.50 a month and covers all of Canada. Without the Pro upgrade, not sure how useful it is, but that's cheaper than Gaia.

Haven't test tracking yet but I'm sure it's fine. Will be switching from Avenza to BRMB Map app full time.

Here's the Google Play store link in case you're interested:

If you try it out, let us know what you think!

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No sign of it on iOS yet! So far Gaia with the BRMB layer sounds like the more functional option. Looking forward to trying BRMB though!

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Thanks for the heads up, I'm liking it so far!

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