Backroads Mapbook for Camping

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Backroads Mapbook for Camping

I've been exploring using the Backroads Mapbook and camping on the side of forest service roads. So far I've stayed on the parts with a white background, because I understand that those are Crown land while the pink background denotes private land. In general, am I okay camping on the side of a FSR on private land on the weekend? Is someone going to show up and tell me to move along?

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Alberni Valley

You will find much, much better spots off the FSRs. The further you can get from the main roads the less you will be bothered. Most of the south island is private land.

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South Island

Check out Gaia GPS. The premium subscription is absolute gold. You can access all the BR maps as a layer. Plus the trails as another layer. Sat-topos and NRCan maps. You can access them offline and... they track remarkably well on your iphone, even with no service. If you have applecar play you can even display it in your vehicle.

I will share a track that I am working on for my north island trip after I have completed it this month.

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Dave D
Pender Island

I havent figured out how to use it any tips

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