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Hi there,

We are a crew of 5 individuals. We help run two groups in Alberta, Alberta overland and Calgary off road experience. We have hosted and guided many groups over 20 rigs + including solo trips. Now before I jump the gun we’re not your average plain Jane berta’ wheelers looking to tare up the trail. You can creep us at Upnorth_expeditions on Instagram to see what we do.

We’re looking for trails that would be considered hard- challenging. We would like to do a week long trip out there to explore the Vancouver area starting in sook as we’ve already crushed the Columbia valley. If you have any pins on gia etc or would like to chat about some you’ve come across over the years

Thanks and happy wheeling!

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Alberni Valley

When are you planning to visit the Island? I know a few trails in the Alberni valley that would fit the bill, but snow will be an issue until later in the summer as they are at elevation. Happy to lead a group July/Aug though if you're interested.

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