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Found a great Waterfall today. Pete Wolf Creek Hwy 14.
Its that drains into Mystic Beach
From Highway walk up Stream from bridge on right side of Creek 10 to 15 minute walk including some bushwacking.
Or drive up W35 on a weekday when gate is open. At first creek crossing park well off the road as they are hauling M-F
park at the first Creek crossing (culvert) about 1 km up from road and beyond yellow gate. Be good keep away from the haulers and give way.
Road frequency is 166.650

at the culvert where Pete Wolf Creek goes under the road look downstream. Walk in the bush downstream on the left side of creek there is a hint of a trail stay close to creek and walk until you are at the bottom of the falls bring boots or take your shoes and socks off so you can walk to the base of the falls and look up. Super Cool

This video is a time lapse taken today when I went there.

The falls are really long like 200 metres from start t finish

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