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Brentwood Bay
New to the forum

Hi all,

I've moved to the island a couple of years ago. I've got a 98 exploder, 5L, Eddie Bauer with air suspension (lifts up about 3in? maybe?).
Only been able to find Otter Point trail a couple of months ago. And FSR around Jordan River. Lived in Penticton for about 4 years recently. Was a LOT easier to find trails there haha.

My trips start out from Saanichton. Farthest I've gone so far is China Beach, and the fsr a bit past it.

Curious to find more areas to go explore. Maybe some easy offroading trails.

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Steve Brice

Welcome! I'm new here myself, but born and raised on the island. So far it's been just some light offloading with the family. Just recently started mapping out some areas in the Port Renfrew area, and the Carmanah Walbran area. Port Alberni has some nice areas to explore as well. Lots of little lakes and rivers to check out all over the place. The back roads map book for Vancouver island is a good place to start.

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Welcome! The go-to recommendation for everyone seems to be Hill 60. It’s always a good time and easy to find. And no gates to ruin your fun. Here’s the entrance to that:

And there are a ton of “newbie” posts on the forums with other recommendations. The Back Roads Mapbook really is your best resource though. Hope to see you out there!

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