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GPS Mapping Devices

Just purchased a Garmin Drivesmart 65. Updated the maps from the Garmin site. Tried to map out a route from Port Alberni to Bamfield was disappointed that none of the backroads are named and only some are even indicated. Also the scale is way too small 300meters is the smallest and it is approx 1/4 inch wide. This unit is pretty well useless for the backroads. This Garmin unit will not even find my own address neighbors are there but I am listed as not found. Also tried the Tom Tom and found the screen too small and the same thing the backroads very few indicated and none are named.
Google maps for example is excellent but can only be used while online. Have no connectivity out there.
Question: What are you all using for a GPS mapping device ?

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Alberni Valley

In my opinion the best GPS mapping device for the backroads is an android tablet running the Gaia app with map layers saved offline. I run the premium BRMB layer, the Gaia topo (overland), and satellite layers, all downloaded for offline use. I did have to go through a few different tablets to find one that had really solid GPS, storage space, and power for running the maps - I arrived at a Samsung Tab s8 which works great for this purpose. Definitely superior to all of the standalone dedicated GPS units. I also use it for music and entertainment in the Jeep.

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