Mount Schofield

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Dale hynes
Mount Schofield

I took a trip up onto Mt Schofield today. It is accessed vie the Chef creek FSR, gate is open, which is off the Cook creek FSR near Bowser. The last 8KM is steep with mostly loose rock and gravel, definitely four wheel drive territory, with use use of a rear locker as needed in some areas. Bears were sighted along the way. There is a phenomenal view to be had. Mt Bakers was easily seen through all the smog. It was 31c, and my little Diahatsu was not pleased after the tough climb to the top.

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Very cool, thanks Dale. I was exploring in the Horne Lake area a couple weekends ago too. Tons to see there. We ran into a few gates, but found a bypass and got some elevation (not sure what the mountain was called). I think I’m going to go back on my dual sport bike next time, and try to summit Mt Joan!


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