Nitinaht Lake Camp Spots (COVID?)

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Brentwood Bay
Nitinaht Lake Camp Spots (COVID?)

Hi Folks,
I'm wanting to head out to Nitinaht Lake this weekend/soon. Any information on fun routes/back country sites along the way, (Approaching from Cowichan Lake or potentially Port Renfrew.)?
I've looked at the Ditidaht Nation website, looks like they have lifted the ban for entering their community but not quite sure....
Any information/ideas would be greatly appreciated, cheers!

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Flora lake
Nitinat river camping by the bridge
Francis lake is about 30 minutes
There are some river spots on nitinat main between nitinat and lake cow
McClure lake
Hadikin lake
Walbran valley
Carmanah walbran pp

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Brentwood Bay

Thanks for the suggestions!

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