Rebuilt 1972 Ford 390 w/C6 trans and all the goodies

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Jason Holm
Rebuilt 1972 Ford 390 w/C6 trans and all the goodies

So a couple years ago i purchased a half built project off a buddy. He has a 72ish Ford pick up that he was in the process of rebuilding. After he had the motor built and bought most of the other goodies he was gifted a nice running late 60's Chev. He then abandoned the project, sold me all the stuff for 2 grand and got rid of the rest of the truck at the junk yard. I had ideas of dropping this in my '69 mustang i am trying to get back on the road however after some thought and consultation i have decided to keep the motor original and stick with a small block.

This leaves me with all this stuff that is just taking up space in storage. I tried to get a buddy to buy it and drop it in an awesome 1970 bronco he has built like a brick shit house. All it needs is a motor and trans but he abandoned it and built a mild Jeep Cherokee. Super lame compared to the bronco but that's just my 2 cents. LOL

So what i have is;
460 rebuilt, new paint, 0 miles mostly assembled. He did the carb, cam, intake kit from Mopac Performance. I do not know the details of the build however i saw 2 motors come out of the shop that did it and they were strong, well tuned and had no issues.
C6 trans original condition as it left the truck.
Original 4 core rad and trans cooler as it left the truck
Original alternator as it left the truck
Edelbrock performer carb, new in box
starter new in box
hooker long tube headers new as shipped
new chrome air cleaner
new water pump
tool box full of every nut, bolt and everything else he took off int he tear down.

I will be bringing this out here if someone is interested probably next month. As i said i paid $2K and there is well over double that in value of the parts and the money into the build of the motor. That being said i am asking $2K cash or trade for 4 x 4 or 69 mustang parts. Currently looking for new rubber for the cruiser. 33 x 12.5 x 15 so i would definitely consider that as partial trade.

Anyway let me know what you think and what you have to offer and we will go from there. If you want pics just PM me and i can send you a few. Happy to answer your questions too, if i can.

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