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1987 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74

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Rebuilt 1972 Ford 390 w/C6 trans and all the goodies

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Info/Advice on Inspections and ICBC

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Hi guys thanks for the warm welcomes. I now call Langford home. As for the brain fart it might actually be better described as pure stupidity. I have taken the carpet out and armorthaned the floor. I noticed things were a little warm on the hump. Had a look saw nothing. Took it in. Saw nothing. Turned out the fluid had been sprayed put and no one noticed or checked it. Appeared as seepage from switching to synthetic (bad idea) Anyway I should have been more diligent cause by the time I figured it out it was too late. Led to a full rebuild as the bottom gear was ruined. Got a new lower one so a bit of an improvement but sure not worth the money and hassle. LESSON LEARNED LOL

1 year 1 week ago in Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

Thanks guys. Appreciate the quick replied and good info. I definitely have a bit of work but doesn't sound like anything major. I was a bit worried being an odd right hand drive import but I see a lot out here.

I am also moving from Alberta. I like loopholes! Lol

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Hi All,

My name is Jay and i drive a Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 but all you clever types probably got that from my profile name. Anyway i have and OME 3"ish lift with some drop shackles 33's and after i had one of the worst brain farts of my life and needed to rebuild by T case i put in a lower low from a Japanese Prado. I also have a lot of custom work done to it like prairie pinstripes and countless dings and dents accumulated over the years. Few other odds and ends but i wont bore you with that. Aside from that it is stock.

Currently it is not in the province. I had to park it a few years back. Long story but now i have moved here, settled in and miss the hobby. Also the lure of all the cool different stuff the island offers vs. what i am used to wheeling is a major draw. I am considering bringing it out and getting it back on the road, well trail soon. It is quite streetable but would not be a daily driver by any means. Right now i am just looking for some intel on the ICBC thing and how hard it is to get a bush buggy type rig insured and registered out here. I will post that up in another thread later though. Right now i just wanted to say hi and thanks for the site. I am sure that this 4 x 4 community is just like all the others. I look forward to meeting some of you and hopefully seeing you on the trails soon.

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