getting my 4x4 up and running

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Quinn Collis
getting my 4x4 up and running

Hey, I'm brand new to this site and to off roading/ fourbyfouring in general just looking to get started. I bought an 89 Ford Bronco 2, I know it may not have been the best choice for someone just starting, but I've always loved the look and feel of the old Broncos.

So after me and my dad fixed some basic issues with it the first the thing I wanted to do was take it into some mud. The first mistake we made, was engaging the 4x4 while on paved road however I only had it engaged for a few seconds bofore I realized something was wrong. First to notice was, It felt like the breakes were on when I drove, it was very slow, very unresponsive steering and slowed down as if brakes were being applied the moment you stopped giving it gas. There was also that terrible smell you get from breakes when you drive with your E-break on. The second major thing was, when you make any significant turn a terrible metal grinding sound would be heard which of course that was the point that I took it out of 4x4, and then the car drove as if it was never put into 4x4 and felt completely normal.

I came here looking for ideas as to what this problem could be. I figured it was something to do with the rear antilock not dissengaging since the light does not turn off when you engage 4x4.

I'm not sure if this is the exact right place to post it, but thanks for any suggestions.

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Duncan bc

don't put it four wheel on pavement go try it on the gravel or dirt ......My kid to the front diff out of one of my tracker using 4 wheel drive on dry pavement ..............

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